Tips For A Faster PC

rngIf you’re looking to speed up the performance of your computer, then you might want to look into a few different things that you can do in order to do so.  There are several reasons why a computer gets slow over time, but thankfully you can deal with all of them fairly easily.  The best thing to do first is to learn about what these reasons are and then determine what the likely culprit is with your own PC.

First of all, if you haven’t cleaned out your PC in a while then this is probably the first step that you would want to take.  Computers tend to collect files and folders over time and this can lead to the gradual slowdown of your PC.  Using a software tool to perform basic cleaning functions such as cleaning out the registry, removing duplicate files, and other similar things is a great start.  You can use software such as CCleaner or PC Health Advisor which is a great option.

The thing I like about PC Health Advisor is that it has a bunch of tools all rolled into one easy to use package.  It’s got a file cleaner that will get rid of the junk, but it also has tools such as a disk defrag tool that can help to improve performance as well.

Another thing that you’ll want to make sure that you either remove or prevent on your PC is malware and spyware.  These are software programs that will load onto your computer without your permission and end up slowing down the PC and hogging resources.  Sometimes you won’t even know that they are there!  Another risk is that they can steal personal information without your knowledge.  Most of the time these programs are benign, but sometimes they can be rather dangerous.  I strongly recommend that you look into getting a spyware removal software tool.  The interesting and amazing thing?  PC Health Advisor is a great option because it has a spyware and malware detection and removal tool included!

Another great way that you can quickly and easily improve the speed of your PC is to invest in more memory.  Physical memory is a true measure of how fast a computer will run.  With modern software requiring more and more memory an older computer will greatly benefit from an increase in memory.  Go to a website such as in order to see what memory your computer takes and then buy an upgrade!  It’s actually fairly easy to install the memory yourself as a matter of fact.

Uninstalling unnecessary software that you never use is also a surefire way to speed things up.  Get rid of that junk that you downloaded once upon a time and free up some hard disk space.  Some of these programs will also run in the background without your knowledge, stealing precious memory resources.  Using a tool like PCHA will make it much easier to manage what programs load when you boot up your computer.



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